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Author Topic: WGO26s top thickness -- body lams  (Read 1115 times)

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WGO26s top thickness -- body lams
« on: May 11, 2017, 04:00:27 PM »
WGO26s -- This is the "plain" grand auditorium model without binding on body or fingerboard. I've noticed a comment re: the thickness of its cedar top.  The sound hole edges have a doubled reinforcement giving the impression of greater thickness, but this is confined to the immediate area around the sound hole, not the entire top.  Another fun fact: Absent top & back binding, the edge of the solid cedar top and laminated "rosewood" back reveal quartersawn grain lines for the solid top (as expected) and a very thin rosewood lam ply over mahogany on the back -- virtually a mahogany body with paper-thin rosewood veneer.  So, Pleasantly earthy sounding, somewhat like a mahogany D18.  I also have a WG26s model which appears to be rosewood laminated to rosewood for the body, and feels much heavier, sounds brighter.  So maybe all lams are not the same.
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Re: WGO26s top thickness -- body lams
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2017, 08:34:25 PM »
I own WGO26SCE SN CC120702261.

I have noticed exactly the same "unfinished" bindings on the body or fretboard, but a bound headplate. Mine has a very simple rosette, too.

I remember thinking when it arrived that perhaps I should have sent it back, then took it into the conservatory to see how it played.

EUREKA!!! What a gorgeous tone...and great projection! My only issue is that I have some minor fret-buzz on the B string at the second fret. I will have the frets dressed when I get near an authorized Washburn dealer and that should take care of that.

I can't believe Washburn does not call this model a "mini-jumbo", the body proportions are very similar to a regular jumbo...small upper bout, large lower bout, deep body. What they do call a "mini jumbo", my WMJ11S and my two WMJ21S models,  have nowhere the same body proportions, nor do they have anywhere the same great sound as my WGO26SCE...but they are both much more attractive, with fully bound bodies, headplates and fretboards, and with a much more complex rosette.

One is a player...the other two are lookers (I recently gifted away my WMJ11S).

This WGO26SCE guitar sounds glorious! Next to my C124SW(K), it is my best sounding Washburn guitar, although my D61SW(CE) comes close (that is the guitar you see in my avatar).

I have an affinity for cedar soundboard/rosewood body tonewood combination guitars...wish I could have afforded a WG26S model ( in the span of a week I bought two WMJ21S guitars and my WGO26SCE...SWMBO was not just about to see another Washburn show up on the doorstep)!!!

Anyway, I hope you like your WGO26S as much as I like mine!!


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