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Author Topic: Washburn WE333SC with nickel plate inlay  (Read 999 times)

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Washburn WE333SC with nickel plate inlay
« on: May 24, 2017, 04:29:37 PM »
Hi,  I joined the forum to see if anyone could tell me about the washburn guitar I recently picked up at a pawn shop.  It is a wasburn WE333SC according to the cereal number on the truss rod cover.  I have found similar ones online,  but none with a nickel plate on the 12 fret with "DIME" cut out of it.  I was wondering if anyone has seen anything similar, and knows if it is something special or not.

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Re: Washburn WE333SC with nickel plate inlay
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2017, 06:06:17 PM »
Your photos do not appear in your post.
Go to the General Discussion board and look for a thread authored by t.y. In the "stickies/pinned threads" at the top.
It explains how to get photos to display on the forum.
Your guitar sounds like a unique piece. Could the nickle inlay be some custom work for a Dimebag Darrel fan?

Sure would like to see those photos!

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Re: Washburn WE333SC with nickel plate inlay
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2017, 12:03:28 PM »
I'm an admirer, not a hands-on fan, but I can give you some basics.

That's a model number, not a serial number. The WE333SC means it's a "Dimebolt" 333 (1995-2003), in Snow Camo paint. The standard 333 was available in BlackJack, DimeSlime (green), or DimeBolt graphic. It's import (probably Korea).

The 333 model has some low-end variants of questionable quality, particularly early models that retailed <$1,000. Former owners mention the Rebel Flag or Polka Dot finishes as memorably bad.

There were MANY short-run variants of the 333 -- well, a couple dozen, anyway -- to shops such as Funky Munky or Boogie Street; these are generally the best versions of the 333. I heard the Snow Camo was built just for Funky Munky, but that's all I know; actually, I've used SCs selling online from Music-Go-Round, Guitar Center, & Reverb.

Some of the custom work was done in the Illinois shop, but unless there's something indicating this, you'd have to contact Customer Service -- with the ACTUAL serial number -- to possibly determine this.

Demand for a 333 is often determined largely from its hardware. Though I think the Schaller version of the Rose bridge is overrated (Gotoh is better), that's desirable. So too would be pickups from EMG (or maybe Lawrence or Duncan).

The 333 seems to trade for about $400-$700 (with case). Mostly, they're traded amongst Dime fans, flippers, hoarders, & "collectors" rather than players. Since the quality USA-made Dime 3 can sometimes be found for $1,500 or less, this depresses the 333's value.
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