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Washburn Dime 3 diamond plate

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Hi all,

Just wondering,how hard is to find and buy Washburn Dime 3 diamond plate,not necessary been a USA made,but for sure not Chinese.

Also interesting for st models.

Any suggestions?

Tony Raven:
The diamond-plate version doesn't appear very often. I saw one listed with some paint cracking & corner dings, & it sold for $5,000 within two weeks.

As there's demand for this model, I warn buyers to beware of buying them. They're easy to counterfeit, & you might be handing over thousands of dollars for a China guitar (stamped MADE IN U.S.A., of course) that's not worth $200.

If you are a serious buyer, then go to a serious music store, with at least $3,000 in-hand. Ask THEM to find you one, & to guarantee it's the real thing AND there's nothing wrong with it AND it's not stolen. They'll likely demand a down-payment on the spot (some of it non-refundable should you change your mind).

What do you mean by "ST models"? The 3ST is worth double the STPRO, which is worth double the 2ST.

Thanks Tony for taking your time to explain everything about stealth models.

My concerns have to do about all those fake and cheep Chinese replicas which its really hard to identify especially when you buy from internet.
I will keep in mind your advice about looking for an ST model from a serious music store.

And also confused about how to identify the S/N from a ST.

I found 1 2ST series but still not sure if its original or fake. S/N --->  G04011600

Cant find any guide that can explain the numbers.

Here's a link to a Washburn Dime 2 ST thats been refinished thats in decent shape.


If your not going to get a USA Dime 3 or USA Dime 3 ST then the next best thing are the import Washburn Dime ST Pro having high quality build and very close to USA specs. If you can locate either a Boogiestreet or Funky Munky special commisioned Washburn Dime that were built in Indonesia like the ones on Ebay you are getting an import Dime as close to USA quality as you can get at an affordable price. Good luck with your search.




Madrocker thanks for the links.
So as far as I can see,the best thing to do is to be patient and always looking for something if show up.


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