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Washburn Dime 3 diamond plate

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Depends what your looking for exactly. If your looking USA Washburn Dimes which are the highest  qualty then your looking $2500 and up. If you want the best quality Dime imports you would choose Washburn ST Pro or the Boogiestreet and/or Funky Munky commisioned Washburn Dimes all running $1200 and up. Hit me up if you need a 2nd opinion if you find something you like.

Thanks for all the info Mad,will let you know if I find anything


--- Quote from: Lallasa on May 31, 2017, 01:01:15 PM ---Thanks for all the info Mad,will let you know if I find anything

--- End quote ---

I spoke with the guy that sell the 2ST red color,he give me all the details for the guitar,I am expecting his answer and probably visit him on weekend and see the guitar.

Yesterday got my first Washburn,and specifically the 2st.
Really happy with the quality of construction and tone.
The neck is good for fast licks but not really happy with the Washburn Floyd Rose.
Thats all so far.

Congrats on the new acquisition Washy Dime stealth. I'm pretty sure you scooped the red one from Ebay which was a good deal at $300. I'm looking at the pics on that guitar and it looks to have the top notch Schaller Floyd Rose where Washburn was licenced to put their own brand on. Its the same locking trem system on the USA models. Rock that axe!!!😉


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