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1996 or 2006?


I know this is a worn out question, but is there a definitive Washburn serial number identification list out there somewhere?

I have searched to the end of the internet, trying to identify a older N1 I just bought and find the specs with no success. The best thing I can find for serial number ID is that the first 2 digits identify the year the guitar was made. The serial number on my guitar is 6060571. So, was this guitar made in 1960? Pretty sure it wasn't!

I'm trying to find out if it is 1996 or a 2006? I just want to verify the year and look at the specs on this guitar. I see older N1 models were Alder, Basswood and Hardwood. I'd just like to know what I have.

Can anyone point me to something I can look at for this?

Probably a 1996 model.  Most of the 2000 to 2009 models start with 0 and the second digit indicates year....for example:

00= 2000
01= 2001
03= 2003 and so on

Hi Todd

606 means it was made in June 96, the last 4 digits being the number it was given in that months production. 90s guitars have a single digit for year, then it switched to 2 digits for the 21st century. 80s don't seem to follow any similar pattern and are more of a lottery!

Hope this helps



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