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D46SK Build in China 2007


Dr. Whatson:
I recently found a D46SK build in China 2007 in a pawn shop.
Does somebody know sombody something about this Guitar?
What about the Quality of Instruments Build in China? Are they less in quality  than them Build in USA?
Is the Body Build by tacoma guitars too, like the Cheyenne in 1990s?

Tony Raven:
Tacoma Guitars was shut down in 2008. They made five Washburn models, one of which is the D-46 Cheyenne, which Blue Book claims was 1996 only. Tacoma never had a line in Red China.

The D-46S Cheyenne has very distinctive markings & a bolt-on neck. It is impossible to confuse with a D-46S Southwest. (The"K" stands for "kit," meaning gig bag or case. For this one, it would be a dark-brown branded case, which presently sell for $79 new.)

Generally, solid-wood guitars made in the United States are better than solid-wood guitars made in Red China, & a well-maintained 1990s guitar will sound better than a well-maintained 2010s guitar.

Dr. Whatson:
Trank You Tony Raven. I bought now it and like it Even if its a Not so popular Model. Sides  and back seems Not to be massive. It has full an Clear sound especially played with capo higher than the 4th fret  really a brilliant sound. The Tuning seems stay stabil For long Time. The Grover mechanic 18.1 with high precision. Ernie Ball Strings light 11-52 do their good job.
There seems to be no really signifikant quality Problem or difference compared with my Martin 15JM and 00015sm.
So than the cheyenne 1996 Must be a wonderful Instrument if it is much netter than the 2007. i Hope to find and Check out such an Instrument Soon.


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