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Washburn Golden Harvest D-90 SWN 1992 New Old Stock for Sale.


For sale. $ 2,500.00 delivered to any door step in the states with insurance of course.  The guitar is "New Old Stock" and has never been sold by our store since we received it in the early 90s. Never put on our show room floor,  The List price on this guitar in the early 90's was $4,000.00.

ship of fools:
actually that price was the suggested retail sale price which is always way higher then what you would have put it on the floor for but never the less a beautiful guitar to say the least the last of the Yamaki line and thats all I will say on this other then good luck

  I am not asking $4,000.00 and the $2500.00 I am asking for this Masterpiece is not out of line.
     With a Class A discount to us as a dealer it is not far at all from what we have in the guitar.  If someone else has A Golden Harvest D-90 SWN in New Condition as this one is in I would be surprised to say the least. 
   If this guitar had a 1 3/4 " width at the nut I would keep it and play it. But I need that extra width. It is time to find a home for her to get played.    :)



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