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anyone know anythibg about these obscure models?


Tony Raven:
According to Blue Book Online:

--- Quote ---Some models that were produced are not included in any catalogs that we have.

Washburn produced a line of basses with the Stephen's Extended Cutaway. They were produced for a brief time and were never included in the catalog for SEC. The B80 was a solid body with the vivid finishes the guitar SEC models had. The B90 had a flame maple top. The B100 had a solid flame maple body.

The headless English Status-style bass was reintroduced as the S60 and a Black Walnut version, the S70 (see Status Series).

A five-string bass made its debut as the B105.
--- End quote ---

From eBay --

From elsewhere on this site (2010) --

The S60 was the solid colour version of the bass, and the S70 were translucent colours.


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