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Sanding a WM100

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Hi guys. I am thinking about re-finishing a WM100. This guitar has a clear lacquer finish over a specialty wood grain - I'd call it quilt but I am not familiar with all the different names for these specialty grains. Whether flame or quilt, etc., I am wondering which way the grain of these types of wood are? How do I know which direction to sand for these types of grains?


The WM100 is an all-laminate guitar (essentially, a specially manufactured plywood). The outer layers may be VERY thin, so if it were me I'd contact Washburn's customer service department to get some guidance. There may be NO safe amount of sanding... :(


Dugly 8)

Tony Raven:
Quilt maple top; opinions differ on whether it's a cap or just a veneer. The figuring is a distraction, but is probably laid the same direction as you'd expect from plain wood: parallel to the strings.

But I'd advise against refinishing it --

--- Quote ---WM100/WM STANDARD/WM4 (U.S. MFG.)
- slightly offset double cutaway mahogany body, quilted maple top with wood binding, mahogany neck, 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlay, three-per-side Grover tuners, tune-o-matic bridge, Schaller stop tailpiece, 2 Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups, two knobs (v, tone), three-way switch, Buzz Feiten Tuning System, chrome hardware, available in Cobalt Blue, Honey, or Trans. Bordeaux Red finish, mfg. 1997-2002
--- End quote ---
Retail price was $1,699. Even with significant finish deterioration & showing some wood, book value is about $500; if in better condition, $700+.

If you strip it, you lose at least 60% of that -- forever. More if you take off the headstock decals.

Should you be capable of creating a professional-grade perfect gloss finish, this adds nothing to value.

IMO, you'd do better to experiment on a BT-4Q, which can be had for <$100.

Great. Thanks for the info.


Thanks for great infor!


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