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Sanding a WM100

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Took some time off. Successfully re-wired, and trying to avoid re-finishing. Can someone tell me what type of finish the WM100 was. Guitar List says the WM100 is from the Maverick series between 1997 and 1999. What type of finish was used during those years, unfortunately, was not listed. I am looking to use some of the Meguiar's products or possibly sanding pads around 12000 grit to lightly remove haze marks, but would research various techniques dependent on finish type.


Thanks for the info.  ;)

Tony Raven:
There wasn't the whole "nitro fetish" thing going back in the '90s. The point of putting a finish on a guitar -- particularly a solidbody -- was to keep it looking pretty. I assume the final finish is a catalyzed polyester.

It could probably benefit from a light buff-out -- a polish, actually, unless there's scratches deep enough to feel, & you want to remove them. Properly, that means an orbital, pad, & polishing compound. Of course, you'll first have to remove EVERY last bit of hardware, which will take longer than the polishing.


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