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 I picked up this Oscar Schmidt OG2N at a pawn shop for 25 bucks.
It was stickered up and very dirty. After destickering it, a good cleaning,and
new strings, it plays great and sounds amazing. I just wanted more
information about it. I have some pictures but I haven't figured out how to upload
them yet.

The "Oscar Schmidt" line is Washburn's "economy" offerings...we don't have much traffic here on the forum about them. If I had to guess, I would say it is an all laminate guitar, but that assumes (and we all know about that) Washburn uses the same model identification for OS products.

Have you tried the search function? It's on the tool bar at the top of the forum...just put in "OS OG2N". This forum has been around for quite a while, so there ought to be some info there. I can tell you that one of our most knowlegable members uses the OS line for children in his family. He does some set-up work on them and speaks very highly of them.


Dugly 8)

Tony Raven:
I commented on them five years back:
Though I have far too many guitars, I do somewhat regret not getting the transparent blue with the brown binding.


Cool review, Tony!!!

I am starting to give beginner/intermediate guitar lessons and will certainly encourage potential students to consider the OS offerings.

BTW...the party I mentioned using OS guitars for children in his family...Pike, the guy who posted the response to your review. He's not around much lately...he is sorely missed, I assure you.


Dugly 8)

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