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Tony Raven:
{updated 12/20/2017 to remove sold guitars -- more than 2/3 have been sold  over three months, affirming my estimation that Washburn IS NOT in fact an underrated brand, but suffers from poor marketing in the popular mind}

I really enjoy browsing online for used gear. Fortunately, I have a budget, or there would be no room left in my house for furniture. However, I come across some VERY interesting items, & hope that other Washburn fans might benefit from this.

Lately, there's been some unusual Washburns appearing, & generally at a price you'd probably find pleasant. Here's this evening's run through the nation's Guitar Centers. And to stay true to my penny-pinching roots, I will not venture higher than $299.95.

...for instance, this J-5.

Lovely CB4QB bass, $299.99.

Here's one someone recently asked about: one humbucker, big vibrato system, $249.99.

A buterfly-bridge D-30S, $249.99.

While in plain black, & with a repaired neck, I've never seen a P2 so low as $169.99.

One of the oddities: the Idol from the brief HM Series, $199.99.

Good basic snakehead AG-30 dread, $149.99 -- whoops, dropped to $110.


Will you be updating this thread as you run across new offerings?

That Folk guitar interests me...and just when I thought the frequent GAS might be ready to slow down  :o

Cheers for you, Tony  :D

Dugly 8)

Tony Raven:
I've heard the Folk config is better for soloing because it has a wider neck (closer to a nylon). But, heck, I also play mandolin, so tight spaces have never been much of a problem. ;)

I hope to add new "runs" in future (probably editing out the old stuff as I do). I started a similar thread under Electric Guitars, only to realize that I was also including a bunch of other gear. Makes more sense to put it here, in a more generic area.

Generally, it only takes me a few minutes to sift through hundreds of guitars, flagging whatever jumps out at me as interesting. (It's a good way to wind down after a long day, or to amuse myself when I'm ill.) Scanning those listings takes longer. And then I have to copy/paste the URLs & at least hint a little as to WHY the piece got my attention.

As time permits, then. 8) Winter will be here soon enough...

Most of the folk guitars I have played had not only wider necks than most steel string guitars, but they also did not have a radiused fretboard, like most steel string guitars have. The fretboard was flat like a classical guitar (that's important when choosing a capo).

(Edit: it's been a while, but other differences were the folk guitar had a peg-head rather than a slot-head, like a classical...finally, I can't remember, but it seems some folk models were 14 frets free and others were 12 frets free...but, logic tells me they were all 12-frets free.)

Bob Dylan played a folk guitar a lot at first.....as one would expect.


Dugly 8)

Tony Raven:
Not feeling the need to shop lately, but I do note a few interesting pieces on shopgoodwill.com. Generally, I don't direct people there because the bidders are a bit crazed & will often pay more than they could hope to get on resale, & sometimes more than an identical guitar is selling for used at GC or MGR. Then again, this is a marker for what I might stand to collect if I auction a similar item, therefore valuable intel. 8)

Many of the stores refuse to ship items. Of the majority that do, s/h charges can vary wildly.

This KC-40V is interesting for its finish (all-around, too) & for the case (maybe $70 new; a no-compartment "neck breaker," but solid enough, possibly near-new as the velvet hasn't been destroyed by the bridge yet). The edge chip knocks it below 80%, so <$200 on a pre-1992 $470 axe -- not "collectible" but really not terrible as a player. At $52 with three days to go.

Roughly contemporaneous, an MG-40 in red (perhaps metallic). It's SRP was $100 more than the KC-40, so worth $25-$50 more now, better condition but no case, so if you're already in the market, maybe $250 max. Two days to go, hasn't hit $40.


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