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Author Topic: Early N2 serial number.please help.  (Read 1416 times)

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Early N2 serial number.please help.
« on: October 14, 2017, 05:10:52 AM »

That's the serial number on an N2 I'm about to buy. Am I right its a 1991 model?? Number 1170 of the production run?

Thanks guys


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Re: Early N2 serial number.please help.
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2017, 10:58:04 AM »
I've never seen a seven-digit serial number on a Washburn instrument. Six or eight, sure. If the first two digits are indeed "10-" I would be more inclined to guess it at 2010.

It's highly unlikely that ANY modern Washburn instrument had 1,170 units made in a single year. Any such would likely be low-end guitars -- in other words, maybe for an N1, but probably not for an N2.

And the hardcore Nuno fans can correct me on this one, but my experience is that electric guitars from early in the run tend to have many more little problems than those from a few years down the road. If you're going to actually PLAY the N2 rather than being yet another get-rich-quick "collector," I can't say I'd recommend an early version, especially if you're going to be paying anything near (or above) Blue Book.

Oh, yeh: value. Per the Book, it might be as much as $650 in near-perfect condition (not a single swirl mark much less a scratch) & original case (also near-perfect). HOWEVER, the reality is that 99.99% of players who want an N2 already own an N2, & are happy that way, & therefore there's not much of a resale market. The "naked natural" ones can readily be found at $400 & less.
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