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identify guitar


Anyone know what the model of this guitar is?  It has no model number on it.  Shoot I can't insert an image....anyone know how?
I did some research in the archive and checked it on you tube.....it looks like a WR-150....has the real thin cut away piece on the bottom of the body.....2 single coils, 1 humbucker on the bridge, chrome grovers.  I've looked everywhere.....no serial number....only thing I haven't taken off is the neck.

I'm trying to figure out what pots and 5 way switch to buy......it has really small pots......half the size of the normal A500/B500 pots.
I bought it today for 5.00.  The neck looks straight and the truss rod works....  I plugged it in and got no sound.....I clipped the wires off the middle pickup, off the 5 way switch, and hooked it to a guitar cord and amp.....the pickup works when I tap the magnets with a screw driver so I believe the pick ups work.
I'm trying to figure out which pots and 5 way switch to buy to replace.
Can you identify the pots and guitar model?   If you know where I can get the pots and 5 way switch at a good price let me know....thanks.


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