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Author Topic: Help With Wiring a Falcon  (Read 3043 times)

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Help With Wiring a Falcon
« on: October 21, 2017, 10:01:29 AM »
Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me with wiring a new pickup into a falcon I have.

The original pickups have only 2 wires. Red and White plus the ground.

The one I am trying to install is a Seymor Duncan Pearly gates and it has 4 wires.
Red, White, Black and Green plus the ground. Any advice of how to hook this up?

Whats is messing me up is the circuit board and the extra wires. The old pickup is the grey cable with the white and red wires. The white wire is going into the pot and the red cable into the circuit board.

I am including the schematics for the new pickup. I am just trying to sodder it the way the old one was. I dont need to split the humbucker of anything.

So what I did was I soddered the white and the red together and soddered to pot. And I soddered the black to circuit board. and then the green and ground together and soddered to ground. This is not working.

Full pic set is below.
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Re: Help With Wiring a Falcon
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2017, 10:19:48 AM »
If you are going to keep randomly soldering things together, you might be at this for a VERY long time. :o

Apologies if what follows seems harsh (rude, impolite, high-handed...) but I've been fixing guitars for the love of it since like 1974, & have regularly repaired the work of "modders." Pay attention & you too can eventually learn to do it well.

Do you have any experience in electronics, or at least basic electrical wiring? Can you read a circuit diagramme AND translate that into real-world wiring? If so, you have the ability to sit down & diagramme the PC, & thus not only answer your own questions but to put the results online & add to general knowledge. If not, there are plenty of online learning opportunities.

You keep using phrases like "to circuit board" & "going into the pot" & "soddered to pot" without telling us WHAT PART of the potentiometer. Like, you talking about the wiper, the element, the case?

For the moment, hoping for the first, we proceed, starting with some VERY basic things. In any case, CEASE RANDOM MUCKING-ABOUT... though you're hardly the first "modder" to employ this approach, based upon "even a blind hog finds an occasional acorn." :-[ For instance, if you DON'T want a coil-tap circuit, then hooking stuff up to a coil-tap switch is at best counterproductive.

First, always determine whether you even HAVE a signal path from the pickup -- if it's somehow got damaged (coil windings have been known to fail, as has the joint from the coil to the output lead) you could be "fixing" wires literally FOREVER without getting results. (I will not criticise your choice of hobby nor how you fritter away the precious time God has granted you, but perhaps that isn't how you intend.) This will require you to hook the pickup to some sort of amplifier, NOT merely a meter.

Nowadays, the ground wire is probably a "floater," there to reject mains noise, NOT provide an electrical path. Some pickups run a bus to the pickup frame. (If the ground is actually the pickup "negative," then QED the others are positives, one for each coil. I don't see these very often; it was sometimes used to make wiring "coil split" guitars faster.)

As for the Duncan, it's simple: look at the official SD wiring diagrams. 8) But, I'm already invested. Here is the most stunningly simple circuit, direct from the SD website, & it took a frustrating 43 seconds to find (I'm usually MUCH faster) --,2-pickups,neck-h,bridge-h,2-volume,2-tone,3-way-blade

From what you say, though, you're trying to turn a coil-split circuit into a non-split circuit, without a clear understanding of what the word "circuit" means.

In any case, you ought first find actual output, & save the fancy stuff for next steps.

Please remember HOW the two coils of a humbucker are wired -- if you don't know, then go learn before you ever do another "mod" on your own. (Hint: the two main leads from a humbucker have the same polarity.)

The SD runs four leads: two for each coil + a floating ground bus. I can't find the SD pinout for the pickup, but looking at the diagramme, it's using the black as the "main hot" & green as "ground feed," thus each one goes to a different coil. (If you ask, I can explain how this is used to do the "coil split" thing.)

Therefore, though I haven't yet had my morning coffee, I'm going to hazard a guess & tell you what'll work better than what you've done thus far:
  • disconnect the SD pickup entirely
  • separate its wires
  • pigtail the red & white
  • attach the green & ground to any handy ground point in the circuit (pot body, output jack)
  • connect the black to the output jack's "hot"
  • once you've determined this all actually works, THEN you can go back & put in the switch & pots & stuff: first, disconnect the black
  • if there's two Vol pots, connect the black to the available pot's terminal (wiper or ungrounded element); if there's one Vol, then connect the black to the TOGGLE switch
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Re: Help With Wiring a Falcon
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2017, 01:52:04 PM »
Thanks for the reply. And no, I was not offended. It was a very good and informative post.

I would up doing some more digging after I posted this. It seems i was actually following this SD diagram below.

It turns out if could have been that little wire that is sticking out past the circuit board.

What happens is, there is a metal plate that goes on top on the pots. I guess the hot wire was touching metal which might have been touching something else.

When I put the plate on and plugin the guitar, this really nasty squealing mic feedback sound occured. I thought I was messing up the wiring. So what I did was I cut that little extra piece sticking and now when i put the plate on it all works find.

Below is what I found of the color diagram.

My only question is, ... how did the washburn company that made this guitar back in the 80s manage to achieve split coil with only two conductor pickup?

The reason I ask is, my new pickup works great, but it sounds a lot weaker than the neck pickup.

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Re: Help With Wiring a Falcon
« Reply #3 on: October 26, 2018, 12:26:18 PM »
Faced the quite similar stuff, did you get any way out?

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