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Author Topic: unusual Washburn models  (Read 886 times)

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unusual Washburn models
« on: October 29, 2017, 11:17:57 AM »
There are, however, some Washies that just totally defy my attempts at research...  >:( I've heard that Washburn has put out guitars available in a particular region; e.g., the X-3 seems to have appeared only in Australia. I'll put in the current headscratchers, but anyone is welcome to add to the stack.

Here's a silkscreen block for a "Presidential Series" of guitars --

Though this looks like an XB-400 with gold hardware & Status pickups, it's listed as a KE-1250, & the headstock decal confirms it's a Kip Winger signature model.

And another, in Natural --

Both sellers in Japan, so I figure it's a regional release, & not mentioned in U.S. catalogues.

Out looking for more info on that one, I find reference to the PB-1250 Pat Badger signature bass. Again, only Japan sellers:
M1SDL; XB-400 (natural), XB-400 (burg), XB-500 (teal); X-10, X-33; D46CESP, WCSD30SCE; BT-3, BT-4, BT-6, JB-80; WS-4; WI-66V; Lyon LCT24; OS Autoharps

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