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Washburn D49CESPK spalted maple. What to sell for?


I have a friend interested in buying this D49 special edition that Washburn made. I can't remember what our church paid for it but it's got to go. But for how much?
It's in really good shape and playable.

Tony Raven:
There's little demand for good Washburns, especially in the local market (as opposed to online). My D-46CESPK is near-mint, & I'd take $450, but I'd likely wait months before getting any interest, & even then probably go below $400.

All in all, asking price depends what's more important: maximizing price, or moving it along in the foreseeable future. It's a flashy axe, so you might just have to do some fishing: "$500 or best offer, cash only." There's no law that says you MUST take the best offer, particularly if it's so low you'd rather just donate the guitar to Goodwill. :( You can always ratchetthe price down if you get tired of waiting, or contact the high bidder(s) to negotiate.


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