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Are you kidding me!


I mean .......REALLY       I can't believe how damn lazy some people are. 

Top 3 subjects on this forum:

Number 1: " I don't know how to post a picture. "   :-\

Number 2:  " I owned a guitar once, but can't remember what I had.  Can someone help me identify the guitar I used to own ? "  :-\

Number 3:  " Looking to sell my USA built Washburn .....the one that has a funny little "Made in Indonesia" decal on the back of the headstock.   :-\

HEY.....Here's an IDEA !!!!!    Let me contact my friend..... The Amazing Carnack.....I'm sure he can help    :D  ;D

ship of fools:
now thats hilarious

Tony Raven:
Apologies, bigcity2; I meant to say something when you posted, but apparently the system ate it. ;)

Seems to me that most Washburn owners have just one Washburn guitar, which limits discussion points greeatly.

And though the brand carries a (deserved) patina of quality, this seems to encourage people to snag a Washburn instrument in hopes of getting rich rather than :o having a pretty darned good guitar.

So, lots of people show up here to find out exactly how rich they're going to get.

I know happy Washburn owners who see no reason to come here -- they each have their main guitar, & are quite satisfied, nothing more to say.


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