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Gregg Allman EA27 dating


Just bought this guitar in mint condition. It has sat in my buddy's closet for over a decade. It still had the plastic on the pick guard and original strings. Paid $400 for it. The serial number is 72-28. I can't find any decent info on dating this by the serial number even on the Washburn support pages. Can anyone help?

Tony Raven:
The model was available 1997-1999.

So according to the Washburn FAQs the year of manufacture would be 1997 because the first digit is a 7. The first year they made a small run of 150 with Gregg's signature somewhere (and serial numbers being the number out of 150 on the guitar's inside tag) and then they made up to 500 according to what I've dug up. Where would Gregg's signature be? My serial number seems bizarre, 72-28.

That's the exact sticker I have in mine WITH Gregg's signature. I can't figure out how to load a pic of my sticker.

No, there was none in the case plus any Washburn documentation is missing.


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