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Any info on This? I can't find any in the website.


Hi. I just received a WA90CE VSB acoustic/electric for my 45th birthday! Yaay me. I can't find any specs on the guitars build and hardware, when made, etc. Just looking for the story of this particular model. If anyone can direct me to the info I would appreciate it. Also the serial number breakdown.  Thanks.
SN: L17011092

Based on what I can find, this has a select spruce (laminated) top and laminated mahogany back and sides.  Tuners are Grover-style diecast.  Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard.  It looks like this was made specifically for the mass-merchandise stores (Guitar Center, Musicians Friend, Music and Arts, Music 123, Amazon), which is why the website has no info.  Hope this helps!

Thanks so much for the info. Appreciate it.

I have inherited a Washburn D 25-12 from my father. It has two sets of #'s inside one to the left of Washburn tattoo (10167) and the other is on the top in the inside. 808011. I took it to the guitar shop for new strings, cleaning and tuning. The guy was really interested in it and said that it was a really guitar and sounded amazing for it's age. He didn't comment further except to say that they would give me a good deal if I wanted to get rid of it. Which I don't. It's a piece of my dad that I have now to remember him. Does anyone have any ideas about this guitar. I don't know what year it was made or where. I'm happy to have it regardless. He loved this guitar.

ship of fools:
made 1988 southern jumbo solid cedar top laminate Ovankol  mahogany S/B tortoise pickguard made between 85-92 value in excellent shape should be around $300 with case might have the W at the 12th fret


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