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Washburn build by Matsumoku and/or Yamaki?

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I wasnt able to reply to the original thread about Matsumoku and HP35s, so I had to create a new thread.

The original thread is here:

Anyway, a LOT have happened since the last post - and this will clear up a LOT of the speculation about Washburn and Matsumoku.

And Tio, and Racing, you guys were VERY close to getting this right.

First things first. As you may know, we are a small group of Daion fans that have done research into Daions the last 6 years. Doing this time we have also done research into Washburns.

So here are some of the things we have been able to prove.

Yamaki build Washburns from 1977-1984. This is confirmed by the head designer and son of the Daion founder.
Yamaki closed the factory in Suwa in 1983 and moved into an office in Shiga. Thats when they outsourced the instruments. They went under in 1984.
Yamaki build the Stage series, the Wings series, and several acoustics and they build the HB35 series.

One of the major keys here is that in 1973 Japan passed a law that all instruments leaving the factory completed had to have a unique serial number where you could ID factory and date. They had a grace periode of 3 years to emplement this. So at the latest by 1976 all factories in Japan had to use serial numbers. That law is still in effect and has turned into the consumer law in Japan.
This is a major key because that means that you now can ID the factories through the serial numbers. This also means that you can elliminate factories if you can prove that the factory used another style of sn at the same time. That would not be legal. An example of this is the Aria Cardinal series. They used 7 digits starting with 0 or 1. They were ONLY build between 1981-1983.
See where I am going with this? Because we now KNOW that Matsumoku used that style a different style serial number from 1981-1983 there is no way they could also use 8xxxxx style. That would simply not be legal. This also means that we can 100% rule out Matsumoku as the builder of these HP35. Thats the beauty of this law and why this law is the key in this.

Adding to this, we found out that Matsumoku NEVER build ANY Washburns. Not only is this confirmed through the JP serial number law, but its also confirmed by a guy that worked at Matsumoku until he moved to Korea in 1987. 
However the reason for this myth is actually fairly logically. Its that third factory that is also mentioned in this thread as a possibility. That factory is Chushin and they are the key to this. They build instruments that was outsourced by Matsumoku and they build instruments outsourced by fx Washburn so people conclude: Matsumoku build Washburn. Thats not the right conclusion but its an understandable conslusion.

I cant seem to post the rest of the info I wanted to post. Admins, can you help here?


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