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Author Topic: Vibrating sound from inside Washburn 18cen guitar?  (Read 1016 times)

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Vibrating sound from inside Washburn 18cen guitar?
« on: December 13, 2017, 01:44:55 PM »
Hi folks

I have a Washburn comfort 18 cen acoustic electro guitar, that's the one with the thin body.

I sandpapered the underside of saddle to lower action and just put on a new set of strings, I notice that, on a the fifth string played open and on 10 fret of fifth string when plucked I seem to get a buzzing vibrating sound along with the note.

At first I thought it was fret buzz, but I think its the electronics inside the guitar that are somehow resonating to the sound of a particular note. Does seem to go away if I pluck note when guitar is front face up.

I wonder if you can tell me if some of the wires inside or any other electronic parts are held to the body by tape when shipped to stop vibrations and somehow this has come loose?

Because its a thin body guitar I can understand how more vibrations might happen compared to a full body?

Any advice appreciated regarding the Washburn buzzy sounds.
Many thanks for reading and any help.
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