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random questions: X-30 & X-29


Tony Raven:
I have an X-33 (s-s-s, vibrato), & have considered getting a companion X-30 (h-h, stoptail). Scanning through BlueBook Online, I just now noticed that the X-30 has a five-stop blade switch rather than the usual thre-way toggle. Does anyone know how this is wired up?

I've been offered a good deal on an X-29. Never heard of such a beast, & BlueBook is no help. In photos it looks like an X-30. A Guitar Center run, maybe?

Hello,  your guess is as good as mine, Washburn has poor reputation of keeping records of the different variations guitars they make..  did you write Washburn and inquire about the X-30.  I have a X-33 too made in Korea..  the original owner I bought it from had the black Korean made and tobaccoburst Indonesian made..  he said he preferred that to the Korean because the neck were slight different feel.

Tony Raven:
About the X-33. I've guessed that those with the "X" inlay were an earlier MIK version, & those without a later MII version.

Either way, probably Cort manufacture, but I suspect their Indonesia facility had initial "teething" problems (much like the early Mexico Fenders) so I wouldn't be surprised at variations & irregularities.


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