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X-40 used for $130

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got this used for $130.  it's got a ding in the finish, no idiot stick, and the guy that last stung it had no clue what he was doing.  other than that, it seems pretty solid.  i think i'm going to like this one after i get it set up proper.

Tony Raven:
I was shopping around online for an X-40 when I got my X-33 instead (too good to pass up). As far as I can determine, there were three versions of X-40:

* the Pro, h-h with Duncan pickups
* h-s-h, Washburn pickups, "X" inlay at 12th fret
* same, no inlayA couple of years ago, some member here said he owned both the X-50 (set-neck) & X-40, & preferred the X-40 due to having a thinner neck.

bought a set of two sticks off amazon with good reviews.  evidently the sticks that were reviewed were no longer in stock so i received garbage.  the damn thing stuck out like 4-5 inches, maybe more, from the flush of the body.  what a friggin joke.  straight back it went to amazon.  where the heck can i find a proper tremelo stick for this bridge/tailpiece

as long as we are on the subject, this thing came in without a knob on the pickup selector switch.  any ideas?  thanks guys

Tony Raven:
Could always dig around at GFS --


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