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 First time posting here, so excuse any novice formatting.
A few years ago my mother gave me her 20-something year old Washburn classical. Thing is in very good condition, sounds and feels great. I've gotten so many compliments on it I can't even remember. But when it comes to acoustics, especially classicals, I know admittedly less than I do about electrics. Especially of various brand/year/model differences. I'm just here to get opinions and find out information. What would I need to supply to acquire such? I can't figure out how to post a picture from my phone or I would. I'm sure I'll figure it out in time.
 Thank you!

ship of fools:
Is the label inside you could try something like this but if you cant tell us what the label says and serial number

Okay! The model number is C-20N and the serial number is 401120033!

ship of fools:
well what you have is a 1994 ( only made during that year) spruce top mahogany ( laminate ) b/s was one of the lower models but all that matters is that you love it I have never had an opportunity to play one so can't really tell you much more. good luck and enjoy

Thank you so much! Could've sworn my mother got it before the '90s, but I have no firm knowledge to argue you with, haha. Do you know how much the guitar went for or anything like that?


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