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Author Topic: [RESOLVED]SS80 Pickup Volume  (Read 1077 times)

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[RESOLVED]SS80 Pickup Volume
« on: March 12, 2018, 02:48:20 PM »
My '93 SS80 has a weird problem i am having trouble figuring out. The SS80 runs SD TB4-J pickups, black with gold parts. There is a single volume pot and no tone pots. One 3 way switch. No battery or other electrics. The bridge pickup works perfect, screams actually. but the neck pickup seems to be real weak. That is, when I cut to the neck pickup, db level goes way down comparatively to the bridge pickup. This is not pickup height related.
I have tested the switch by swapping the 2 pickups connections to the switch, same result, neck pickup very weak. I just installed a new SD Invader pickup at the neck and it does the same thing. Could the volume pot be the culprit? it is the only thing that i have not tested or changed. The volume pot is stamped "Washburn USA  0U812" and another number i cannot read (R29 maybe). Which leads me to, where can i get a replacement for this volume pot? Not sure they are all created equally.
Thanks in advance.

[RESOLVED] Had the wiring wrong. 4 wire pickups in a 2 wire system need to connect the red and white wires together. I checked this on the original SD TB4-J neck pickup and was wired correctly, but still had the low output issue. I suspect the pickup is malfunctioning. The new Invader works great now.
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