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 ::)  Doesn't look like the moderators or the site administrator have monitored this site for spam and other problems in about a month.....   :o


ship of fools:
looks as if no one left gives a s**t about the site Jim and that all the knowledge you have will go down in flames and without a site they have no understanding that they will never capture the market no matter how good the guitars are anymore like a builders those that have a site survive and don't that dont have free flowing information will disappear from the market and looks like they are going to let that happen here to bad.

You wish to be monitored Jim?

ship of fools:
wrote to webguy Al and suggested that very thing

Tony Raven:
I think y'all mean moderator.  :) But, yah, I know what you mean.

I signed up six years back, & even though the place was a-hopping compared to NOW, even then I could see where it was a ghost of its former self.

Some people date the decline from when Rudy rolled Washburn into USMC (late 2002). I can see the point, & that IS when the excellent Maverick (BT) line was discontinued. :(

But I place it at the day Rudy sold USMC to JAM, officially August 24, 2009. The effects weren't fully felt until 2010, demonstrated by the cancellation of most guitar lines: Tabu, WV, Dan Donegan, Scott Ian, Nick Catanese, X Series, original Idol (WI), & most acoustics (D-, F-, J-, WB-).

Then in 2012 the Mundelein offices were closed, including the Custom Shop, & customer service went down the sewer. Someone told me there was a skeleton crew that tried to field calls as best they were able, but often knew little about the company or its products, & JAM really didn't give a damn about legacy stuff.

This site qualifies as legacy stuff. Feels as though it's being left to starve until it's empty enough to easily advocate pulling the plug.

I'm combing through & archiving some of the bits I've posted here, parts of which may find their way into Vintage Guitar & the Blue Book & Wikipedia & places like that.


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