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Author Topic: Interesting washburn style B mandolin headstock  (Read 727 times)

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Interesting washburn style B mandolin headstock
« on: May 03, 2018, 06:33:18 PM »
Hello I'm new to the forum but I'm a long time vintage washburn guitar lover. I've just recently bought a 1924 style B mandolin actually haven't even received it yet but its on its way. Anyway I'm curious if anyone here has seen one of these with a white bound neck and a somewhat gibson looking headstock mine also has a big M inlayed into the headstock. Now the neck looks every bit the correct age for this instrument but I've never seen another like it. Wondering if anyone has any insight. I'll post picks when it arrives but a quick google search of 1924 washburn Style B Mandolin will get you to it for any of youl that are interested. I'd appreciate any thoughts.
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