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Author Topic: Curiosity about this Bass  (Read 5544 times)

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Curiosity about this Bass
« on: May 14, 2018, 12:07:17 AM »
I bought an electric bass in a Mexican pawnshop looking for information about the brand I read that was good.
Investigating the model did not find anything like it, there are some similar but all vary in something.
I would like to know more about it if there is information, features, new sale prices. Or if it is a prototype or sample instrument.
I do not know much about instrument specifications, I think it's a good bass

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Re: Curiosity about this Bass
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2018, 11:42:39 PM »
Welcome aboard! Sorry you won't hang around long, but we'll help out as best possible.

Firstly, put ALL notions out of your head that you've struck it rich -- a common delusion held by people who have never before owned a Washburn (or, often, a guitar). For instance, a prototype or one-off WOULD NOT have a series decal much less an engraved trussrod plate. It's from Red China, so fairly recent, as confirmed by the serial number (middle-2008, likely).

The "Aon" series seems to have been a short-lived experiment, though I have no idea what its purpose was; the only other model I can find in my notes was the AX3Q guitar (marked both as X Series & as AON) & that was only able to get $100.

The upper horn (ripping off Warwick) & the neck joint marks the AT16 as a Taurus variant. That tells me the "A" is a prefix attached before the prefix of another series.

Both appear to have been of decent quality, with some nice appointments, so possibly made up for some large retailer &/or for the months-long Xmas season, therefore never appearing in a Washburn catalogue or pricelist. Certainly not in the 2008 or 2009 catalogues.

Many Washburn models 1978-2018 have been short-lived, so that does very little to raise value; it's not uncommon that a fairly successful Washburn line had smaller production than the "limited editions" from other companies.

The AT16 will probably not be worth as much as a new T25 ($549) which has a thru-body neck AND active pickup system.

The problem with six-string basses is that most players who want a six-string bass tend to already have all they need. Main demand is for four-string, with a surprising minority graduating to five; most players find a six-string to simply be too heavy/bulky for regular stage use, therefore unnecessary expense. Overall, there's not a whole lot of demand, & those who want to try out a 6 can get a new Ibanez for as little as $300.

Still, you've got a very good instrument, apparently at a very good price. I hope you have many happy hours playing it. :)
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