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Im new at this... D-10 N... Serial; 98043765 or 05 (end) not sure.


I got this guitar when I was pretty young, (still young of course but.. i want to know what this guitar is and how much it would cost to buy one.   its a D-10 from whats on the sticker. Serial number 98043765 or it could be 98043705, not sure what the second to last one is, its faded a bit.

So far i can tell its a solid top because the grain continues in the soundhole, the sound is beautiful btw.

1. how much?

2. when was this made?

it was made in indonesia.


Tony Raven:
As you say, it's a D-10N, a basic dreadnought in natural finish. The top is laminate (plywood) unless the model number contains "S" or "SW."

Well, the downer is that nobody here has access to production numbers, & in any case for a standard model the company's records won't have much detail either. Yours probably left the factory April 1998. Since then, quality of entry-level instruments has risen even as prices have dropped, so there's not so much demand for a used D-10, even two decades old.

What exactly do you mean by "how much"? If you want to buy one, I can point you to listings $100-$150. For most individual looking to sell a guitar, they're fortunate to get 40%-60% of current market price, so at best you could maybe get like $90.


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