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Author Topic: Trying to find another Washburn Acoustic like one I owned from circa 1990  (Read 503 times)

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Hi there,

So my first acoustic one one i always loved till it was lost was a Washburn.  I've done some googling but I'm not having much luck..  bear with me because I haven't laid eyes on it since around 2008..  which has made it harder to know if I'm even looking right at it or not..  but nothing has jumped out at me saying "this is it".

I'd love to see what one might go for today to see if I might buy another to replace it. 

things I remember:

- bought around 1990 +/- a year, but pretty sure it was 1990.. 

- it had a built in mic pickup with 3 band eq

- it was a slimmer body..  not "dreadnaught" boxy, but not kramer electric acoustic skinny.. 

- I believe it had white trim, but don't hold me to that.

- it had a slightly rounded back (not ovation round!)

- I remember it had a kind of cork pattern to it.. darker.. not bright / light colored.  can't remember if it went to darkened edges..

- i remember paying $600 for it new.  I think I negotiated the price down a little bit, but i'm not sure of course if I was overcharged or not since I was 16 or so..