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The Idol has risen from the dead!!

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Tony Raven:
If this is all for real & not some sort of off-kilter April Fool gag, it really deserves some HUGE fanfare in the sites & magazines YouTube & certainly on Washburn's social media!!

Or maybe even in the Forums area.


UPSIDE: Grover tuners are FINALLY back.
DOWNSIDE: if WMS doesn't have them, likely nobody has them... & WMS doesn't have them.
BUMMER: they have appeared on eBay, for $799, but maybe that's MSRP... ???
WEIRDSIDE: they brought back not only the BFTS superstition but the much-unloved VCC. :o Both ought to be made OPTIONS before they scare the sheep.

Tony Raven:

--- Quote ---Washburn Idol WIS26MRK-D
The WIS, short for Washburn Idol Standard is inspired by the original Washburn WI64 ... a set-neck 24-3/4" scale length guitar with two USA Made Seymour Duncan Humbucker pickups and ... Voice Contour Control ("VCC") wiring.

--- End quote ---

GearNews.com: "Washburn Idol range makes a comeback in 2018"

Tony Raven:

Truly, it is GREAT to see the Idols back, considering that (to this outsider) the WI-64 looked like a solid seller AND used to have good endorsements & metalhead cachet.

...but the line was brutally terminated almost a decade ago, flushing all that goodwill & top-of-mind presence down the toilet.

The price -- rather, the perceived price:value ratio -- will probably kill this exuberance quickly.

Right this moment I'm considering  a flametop WM-100, asking $725 delivered, with OHSC. And there's a walnut-top BT-6 seeking $350 & a semihollow WI-67 ($300) -- the change from that $799 buys a LOT of upgrade.

I can admire pretty wood, but it takes cachet to sell it at a premium, & those buyers seeking cachet tend to go toward "names" -- Gibson, Fender, PRS.

At the end of the day, the model numbers themselves make clear that's a WI-26 & a WI-16 -- so NOT top-of-the-line. I'd feel weird passing up a perfect WI-64 for under $400 in order to spend much more on a "pretty pretty" axe.

Strip it down!! You don't have to stoop so low as bringing back the WI-14, but why not the WI-18?? If you're gonna go after LP players, then renew the WI-45, & make it an upgrade path to the WI-66PRO. Certainly the WIT-16 ought to RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT be being relentlessly flogged as a quality option to a Tele (especially with that pickup wiring!).

And whose bright idea was it to demote the WIS-26 rather than make it a proper heir to the WI-64DL???

Make the BFTS a $20 option; if nobody thinks it's worth a double sawbuck, then you'll maybe realize it's nonsense. Better yet, get Buzzy to pay Washburn $20 per axe, seeing as how this is the last company to be giving him so much free publicity in EVERY press release & webpage & stamped on all those guitars.

Make the VCC an OPTION. Personally, I like it, & could see myself paying an extra $40, maybe a bit more. However, it loses track of the unshakeable FACT that guitarists are a primitive, superstitious people -- many believe their frets are made of silver!! :o -- & easily frightened by anything new that isn't being fobbed off on them by some Guitar God. Therefore, the VCC needs a full relaunch: multiple YouTube demos, paid articles in the magazines, its own corner of the NAMM booth, a prominent or soon-to-break endorser who gets LOTS of media exposure & raves about the VCC in interviews.

Without those things, it's a total waste, & very few people are going to rip the guts out of a NEW $800 guitar when they could just get a standard Epi LP.

+1, especially this: "If you're gonna go after LP players, then renew the WI-45, & make it an upgrade path to the WI-66PRO", this: "Make the BFTS a $20 option" and this: "Make the VCC an OPTION".

Still loving the WI-45 (though my daughter has it now) and, though I have not done it, I do like the WI-66 upgrade path.

I ripped out the VCC and installed a JP push pull wiring on my WI66Pro. Never looked back. The Gibson LP and the American Deluxe Strat stay in their cases. No need to get them out anymore.


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