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Deconstructing Serial Numbers


I am trying to figure out what information is embedded in the serial number.

I have heard that the first, or first two digits give the build year. What else can be found in the S/N?

This one is mine:  S7037967 for a black J-9 without a bigsby. Does the "S" designate a build location? Does the 7 mean 97?

Who can help me?


Action on these forums has gone to hell lately. To get an answer to your question it might do you well to run a search on your question. I don't know much about serial numbers but above is a series of actions, one is labeled search. You might find an answer there if you run a search re your question. I'm sorry but that's the best I can do, unless a more knowing person replies .    murph

Thanks, Wrmurphy.

Yeah, seems pretty slow around here. Maybe the action is more lively in other Washburn sub-forums.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Tony Raven:
Short version? Samick (Indonesia), 1997, probably March, 7,967th guitar built that month for Washburn.

That's it -- no Magic Decoder Ring necessary.

Long version:

Thank you, Tony.


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