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Author Topic: Replacement parts for Washburn 600 and 800 series Floyd Rose  (Read 13759 times)

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The exact Replacement Trem Arm for Washburn 800s Floyd type Trem.
« Reply #15 on: November 04, 2018, 04:45:54 AM »
I have just bought an old Washburn MG74 from the early 90's. Very nice playing and sounding guitar once set up, but of course it was missing the Trem arm. I found the perfect replacement and wanted to share it here, as while this forum helped me narrow my search, I never found a definitive answer. So the Trem arm that is a perfect fit for the 800s is the Gotoh 6mm Floyd Rose replacement arm. Threaded. These are available today. It is sold as just the arm, no holder attachment. This is because when you take the 800s apart (and I did) you will find that the arm screws directly into the sustain block, it has no separate anchor mechanism. Other tips are that the arm is designed to work perfectly with a sping under it the spring held in place by a screw in the bottom of the block. Through turning the screw in the bottom of the block (you have to take the rear spring cover plate off to see this) you can adjust the feel and stiffness of the Trem arm, by increasing or decreasing the rotation of the screw. So where do you get the right springs you might ask? Well I had previously found that Fender make Trem springs for the same purpose and I used one of these which worked perfectly. They are sold in bubble packs of a few springs. My research also led me through this forum (thanks guys) to realise that the Washburn 800s is virtually identical to the Ibanez TRS-101 Trem system. You will find information on this Trem system on Ibanez Wiki. It was the exploded diagram of the TRS-101 I found there that showed me the system was supposed to work with a spring, and how the screw in the bottom os the sustain block worked. The result? The arms fit and feel is perfect, and It works perfectly. No slop in it whatsoever. Finally I would say that the 800s is a quality steel unit made in Japan by Takeuchi and will not need upgrading for most players. Final final point, it may be my imagination, but I think the Gotoh arm has better machined tolerances on. The threaded part than the similar cheaper Chinese arms you can get. Hope this helps someone. Cheers