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Author Topic: Boogie Street X50, 12 of 50 Need help establishing value prior to selling  (Read 3190 times)

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Below is the message I got when I purchased this beautiful guitar several years ago.  Never played, hanging on my wall I need to sell and would like help pricing it.

This is a Washburn X-50 Pro guitar (Stratocaster build) made as a limited edition instrument (this one is number 12 of 50) for Eric McKenna, owner of Boogie Street guitars. McKenna somehow managed to develop a very tight association with Washburn and, as a result, the company has made several custom builds for Eric over the years. It has a handsome blue quilted (maple) top, bordered with a triple binding. The neck but is contoured, which allows an easy reach on the higher frets. The harware includes a 3-way selector toggle switch and two metal bell knob controls (volume and tone) with the tone knob also a push/pull coil tap. The pickups are Seymour Duncans. Strings are thru-body. The rosewood fretboard has abalone block markers, with the Boogie Street Guitars top-hatted devil in Mother of Pearl on the first fret. The abalone is gorgeous, with a lot of green. The tuners are cross marker inlays. The guitar comes with a Washburn hardshell case printed in gold with the Boogie Street logo, and a leopard print interior.The strings are 9's on this axe. She's a very pretty toy!!

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Sounds like a beautiful variant on the X-50 platform, notably the block inlays. The X-50 & X-50PRO had many great versions, some quite rare.

As with so many great Washburns, market value is limited by lack of market demand. Lately, seems that Pro versions have been going past for like $450-$550.

Far as I can tell, short-run versions created for shops like Boogie Street or Funky Munky don't attract wide attention unless they're signature models -- Dimebag, Nuno, Paul Stanley, like that.

A few years ago, a Korea-made white BSG HB-35 (also with leopard-print case lining) went on for $490 all-in.

Overall, even USA-made models seem to be having problems getting to $1,000. One Reverb seller has listed an XB-900 for more than a year at like $650 delivered, recently slashed to under $500 yet still no takers.
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The information about the tree you shared is great. I really like this guitar.

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