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D10CEMTBL model number


Hey Guys,

I have one of the above guitars. Was wondering what the code meant? Is it a decent guitar? I'm pretty sure I bought it back in 2000!




I hope this helps.   D = Dreadnought style; C = single rounded Cutaway; E = onboard preamp (acoustic-Electric); M = all Mahogany body (back/sides/top are laminate); TBL = Trans BLue. According to Blue Book, these were made from 1997-2000.

Washburn's D10 series is quite popular.  They are considered an affordable entry level guitar.  I have a D10M-TBL (non acoustic-electric).  It has done me well and I really think the trans-blue looks sharp.


OP was inquiring what the numbers/letters in the model number of his guitar meant. At the end of my post I was letting him know I also had a trans-blue D10M and as my model does not have the "CE" designation (no cutaway/preamp) it would not be considered an acoustic-electric guitar. I apologize if my wording was confusing.


Tony Raven:
Don't fret -- BigCity's just ribbing you a bit. :)

(FWIW, I've never liked the term "acoustic-electric" as it covers so much turf, from perfectly good acousticals with added-on piezo, on up to guitars that are near-useless unplugged. But, the term's here to stay, eh?)

I will say that the D-10 family holds value well. Once given a bit of setup, they play nicely for seemingly ever with very little maintenance (of the sort required for "better" guitars). The most basic natural-finish models can be had for $100-$150, & each "uptick" (fancy top, cutaway, solid wood, wiring) adds to resale value.


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