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How many springs in a x-series Pro V 11


I have a Pro V 11. How many springs should it have on the tremelo system. It's a standerd tremelo no locking system on it. 1, 2, 3, 4,or 5 springs. And does more springs help keep it in tune better.  One is way to light. Two does not keep it in tune. Three does keep it in tune, but the tremo is all the way against the body and I have no bar left to raise the tone. I can drop the note but I can not raise it with the tremelo or whammy bar. What happens if I loosen the screws that hold the springs support to the body to gain the ability to raise the pitch with the tremelo or whammy bar. Spring tension would be the same. But the tremelo would be raised up a little, I only need to raise the note or tone one full note with the tremelo or whammy bar. More would be better, but I do not know how long the screws are. Any and all help and options are appriated and needed.   www.minimilitia.mobi www.applock.ooo www.7zip.vip

Tony Raven:
The claw screws are generally quite long. If you want to check, detune the strings completely & take one of the screws out.

You're on the right track, though. With a standard trem, more springs will stabilize the tuning, & you back the claw screws out to give the bridge some "float."


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