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MG-401 Deluxe Questions


Hi! I found an old Washburn Mercury MG-401 Deluxe at a local dealer for what I think is a decent price of only $200. I've been searching around for a while for a bit more information about the guitar just to make sure what I'm getting is worth my money. It comes with a hard shell case too which is nice. It's in really good condition with only a few minor chips on the headstock. It does need to be setup again though as the action is a bit too low and if my ears aren't wrong the intonation is a bit off. It also has problems where when you use the tremolo bar it's knocked severely (almost 2 semitones) out of tune so that'd need to be taken care of.

Seriously? You are lucky to find such a guitar for $200 only! I spend on https://domyhomeworkonline.net/do-my-geometry-homework.php more money!

Tony Raven:
Actually, the troll ios correct. :)

A darned good $200 axe, and maybe needing $100 in maintenance. Once again: if you are buying to PLAY, ya done good. If you hope to get rich... well... no.


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