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Where was my D10 made?


Hi everyone. I'm new to the board, so this may have been answered before.

Anyway, the serial # for my D10 is 8810000083. I think it would have been made in 1988, because it was originally a Christmas gift for my Dad that year or maybe the year after. I just want to know where it would have been manufactured. Were they made in Japan at that time, or had they moved to Korea or Indonesia by then?

Wherever it came from, it's the only acoustic I've ever owned. I started playing around 1996, and it seems like it keeps sounding better and better.

I believe your guitar was made in 1988 in Japan, though which factory in Japan would be nearly impossible to tell. 
I assume your guitar doesn't have a paper label in the sound hole?
Check out this YouTube video exploring a D10 that also happens to be from 1988 https://youtu.be/ikXP5gOiz_M

Tony Raven:
I'm uncertain. 1988 is rather late for Japan builds. As well, a ten-digit s/n is unusual for Japan vendors.

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