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Craftsman (Washburn) T-bird - Seeking info



I picked this up on a recent trip to Tokyo on Craigslist. Are you familiar with this guitar? It plays great, I actually need to raise the action a bit.

Here's a full shot of it:


And here's several closer details, including the wiring:

I've an idea on what Craftsman may have been, but I hope you can confirm what that may be.

Thank you!


I contacted City Music in Singapore, which carries a line of guitars under their house brand, "Craftsman," and which also has a script/logo on their headstocks.

However, their script/logo is different from the one on my T-bird, here's mine:

And here's theirs:

Apparently this was a coincidence. City Music says they started their Craftsman line about 20 years ago, so they could not have been marketing a Craftsman T-bird that looks exactly like a Washburn T-bird around 1982 to 1984.

But I have seen the same logo on two other instruments:

On an acoustic based on the Martin D 35, owned by a guy in Ireland who bought it around 1982 from a guy who bought it used from a shop in London

This one came from acousticguitarforum.com and had two responses (copied with their spelling mistakes):

Source: Guitar Bluebook
Instruments previously produced in Japan between the late 1970s and mid-1980s. Craftsman built entry level to medium quality copies of American designs.

Craftsman. Previuosly produced in Japan during the late 1070s through mid-1980s. "The Guru's Guitar Guide" by Tony Bacon and Paul Day.

The other place the same logo showed up was on a headless 1980s bass, which also included the "The Guru's Guitar Guide" reference.

Thank you to the folks who sent me messages with ideas.

Do you know anything else about a Japanese guitar company called Craftsman? 

The search goes on.

Its not build between 82-84. Yamaki was building these until 84 and they did not build this one. Chushin took over in 84 and Chushin used stickers for serial numbers between 84-85. They also build a lot of instruments under a LOT of different brands - like Grant, Yoshi, Anea, and so on.

So I am 99% sure this one was build by Chushin between 84-85.


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