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HB35 very dark sounding!!


Hi guys,

Any suggestions to make my HB35 sound a bit brighter. Standard pickups sound very muddy, particularly the neck. I'm playing Blues Rock / Classic Rock into a Blues Deluxe Reissue, clean channel with pedals for dirt.

Some have suggested Seth Lovers, I have SD 59's in my PRS Tremonti SE and Les Paul, both of which sound great. Are the Seth Lovers better suited to semi-hollow bodies?
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Try changing strings first.  Cobalt strings are supposed to sound brighter.  Ernie Ball M string are supposed to be brighter still.

Regarding the pickups, if you're ok with more output, then Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates sound brighter.  So do the Slash set.  Go to the Seymour Duncan sight and YouTube to hear the different pick ups. 

Good luck!


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