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New J6 owner!!!


Found an older J6 blonde at a pawn shop. I was instantly drawn in by the looks, then I took it down and played it.  I was surprised by how much sound it makes, and better yet how good it sounds. I put a third of the asking price down on it, and with any luck I can go pick it up next Friday. Anyways, the serial number is below. Am I correct in thinking it is a 92?  It doesn't have the big W tailpiece, it has the bent wire style, with the art deco looking center decoration. Gold hardware and gold tuner with a flat disc cover on the back, and Washburn on each.  Very similar to the tuners I've found on Korean guitars more than a few times. knobs are gold plastic with notches cut out. It also has been modified with dual working outputs. I guess the previous owner played two amps at once? I also spotted an orange drop cap inside the body. I am hoping the pickups are upgraded too.
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