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Is Washburn a reliable and good acoustic guitar brand?


Hello everyone,,
This Christmas, I'm aiming towards buying an acoustic guitar. I'm an avid player and usually play when there's nothing else to do and I would say I'm okay I guess... Over the few months I've https://ovo.fyi/youporn/ https://ovo.fyi/xhamster/https://ovo.fyi/redtube/N been searching for a good acoustic, going to Guitar Center, pawn shops, and local music stores and the ones that have come forth to my attention have been mostly Washburn. They sound fantastic and have an great sting height from the neck and I'm very pleased, since I have not heard of such brand.

What do you think?

Just-a-dancin' with yourself......redux.     :o

To answer your question - my 1987 D-28S-12 is the best guitar I've ever owned. I have owned many guitars over the years (electrics, acoustics, basses, you name it, I've owned it) and Saraphina (that's the guitar's name) has been my go to, my favorite, and overall guitar of choice. It sounds like nothing else and I've had many people who have wanted to buy it. I will never sell it. To this day the neck has only been adjusted once and 2 tuning keys have been replaced. The action rivals an electric and it is a 12 string acoustic.

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BUT....as one member has suggested.......LET'S SEE WHERE THIS GOES !!!


Washburn makes fine guitars and I agree with These_defaults_suck and attemptedavail, when you find 'the one' the name doesn't matter. When you find one you like, buy it liteblue usps


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