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The End of Nature and Guitar Woods‏ !!


Going through old post looking for things. . .like "-The Guitars of Notable Classical Guitarists-‏"
I ran into this 2005 post that made it's way around this dirty brown earth.  The point, silly guitarist, 9 years ago were concerned with trees, a mere 9 years ago we had no idea of the pending significance
of Global Warming and now the Ebola plague. It's been on CNN 24/7.

A Journal of the Plague Year is a novel by Daniel Defoe, 1660-1731, first published in March 1722.
I read it years ago.  If interested you can download it free @ The Project Gutenberg EBookhttps://discord.software/ FetLife https://downloader.vip/itunes/

wow! am definitely interested in this now...i will read this..i love getting to know peoples opinions on such.
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