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New Anarchy Graphic Series Electric Guitars


Coming to a dealer near you in late 2005/early 2006. The Anarchy Graphic Series is comprised of 6 guitars. The WI160FG1 and WI16B0BG1 are based on the Washburn Idol Series guitars and carry a suggested retail price of $399.90. The X16GBG2 and X16RBG1 are based on the Washburn X Series guitars and also have suggested retail price of $399.90. The WV160FG2 and WV16GBG1 are V style guitars and have suggested retail price of $449.90. All Anarchy Series guitars will come with a padded gig bag. A new section of the Web site with more info & specs will be created for this series in the coming weeks.




Please post more pics when you have time. Thank you! [:D]

Shredder Matt:
These are great guitars and pretty hard to find these days.  I'm a proud owner of two of the WV160FG2 'Flame Broiled' Anarchy Flying Vee's and they are as good and better than many and most of the so called Heavy Metal shredder Guitars out there.  They were made in limited quanties, less than 5,000 (4,812) of this Washburn WV160FG2 were made, then exported worldwide mostly to the U.K., then Washburn created the same guitars over again and jacked the prices up over $600.  And you know something?  Their more expensive guitars aren't as good as these.  If you can find one of this series, buy it!  They are just totally incredible guitars.  You can't find them here in the United States, except on eBay, and they are far and few between in good to newer condition.  Used price usually starts at $300 - $350 in these (Washington) parts of the world.  If you have one you want to sell, contact me in the Washburn User Forum and make sure you have lots of pics of what you are wanting to sell.

If interested I have the yellow orange Anarchy V that is BRAND NEW in original shipping box. Still with tags and took it out to look at it and never has been touched other than that.

Was going to take lessons this winter but medical reasons did me in.

was going to eBay or clist it but if you are interested drop me a line. I am kid_pontiac

That is my yahoo name for emails.

My passion is to play electric guitar with the sound that I can write here but you guys can be imagined. My electric guitar will be in my design and I will print on it the mono of essay service company that I like the many most.


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