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Jamming In Reno?


Hey... I play a Force 4 Bass. Behringer 15 cab & 350 head.

Styles: Progressive, freeform fusion psychedelic, want to play some classical too... Used to play in Bay Area California rock bands way back in the sixties... time passed... now I play as a hobby but would like to play with other mature musicians in the Reno area. BassDabbler

Hey Dallein

A good place to find locals to jam with is open mic nights in your area....Look on internet for open mic and your city..Ya should get some hits... check them out and youll find people to jam with..

Rock on....[8D]

Rollin rollin and my BA**S are swollen swollen.... LOL

I recently moved to South Reno (near the Tahoe junction), and like to Jam.   I like 60s and folky stuff.   If you would like to jam sometime, please respond to
I have three acoustic/electrics, a drum set, and a keyboard.    I like to jam just for fun.   Otherwise, I play for the kids at my church group.


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