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Glad people can read.....Cuse....


Sure glad people can read cause sure seems like they can't write....


YALLLLL hahahhahahahhahahhahahah

Fricken write somethin so people know ya have a brain...


Ok. So did you get any rain? Up the hill (Prescott) we are looking at about a foot of much needed snow.

Hey Jberry

Sure did got a ton of it.... also much needed. Phoenix.

It just sucks when there is never action in the forum... I mean just readers...

A jumbo... must have a nice bottom end.. Did ya get ta play her while the snow fell with a coffee or a drink???

I sat on the back porch for hours playin drinkin coffee in the morning and rum in the evening... I do miss the rain..

Well thanks for replyin and ROCK on.....[8D]
Washburn D42S and EA16BP
Yamaha eletric ....Soon to be a Washburn... HAHAHA

Texas Flatpicker:
LOL Yall....ya....right


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