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im just a beginning player in so cal

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what do you think i should do? any suggestions on how i should practice or any tips would help thanks

Well do you take lessons or are you going to free style it????

I started with a beginer book to loosen up my fingers and get a basic understanding of the guitar and strings...

 Then I took lessons from a dude in the paper... Lessons spead the process up significantly... But those first couple months with the book saved me some lessons tooooo..

Rock on....[8D]

Practice at least 15-30min a day and youll be strumin in no time...

Texas Flatpicker:
There are a lot of aides on the net. I cant read music and play by ear. And it is difficult to play with those that do read music. I suggest that you get on the net and learn the scales and chords if you are not going to take lessons.

I frequently say I was self-taught by a teacher who knew not the first thing about music (someday maybe you'll hear the story of Big Little John, Little Big John, and Cochise....worth a [:D] at least).  Can't read music, can't play by ear (but that's getting better as I get more familiar with the structure of music through exposure).  Playing with others is perhaps the best teaching experience I've ever can learn a lot by observing and listening, so my advice to wiggles is don't be afraid to join in jams.

I find scales a bit intimidating, since I have ABSOLUTELY NO theoretical foundation, but what I did find helpful was figuring out which chords usually go in the more common least that way if I heard someone say It's in D for dog at Pearl, I knew which chords to play, even if I didn't know which sequence to use until I had listened to a verse or two.  

YT is FULL of instructional stuff....some easy to understand, some just too difficult for me, but every one has something that expands my knowledge base and someday perhaps I'll figure it out, who knows [:I] .

'Till then, it's Onward through the fog for this ol' cowboy musician.

Dugly [8D]

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Welcome, Wiggles! The link below is to a great on-line resource.

If you are going it alone then I suggest you use this resource and take the time to work through the process exactly as it's laid out there. I especially like the finger gymnastics aspect of Justin's approach. Apply patience and eat the elephant in little bites. Also, if you are truly just starting, it's worth remembering that, as with learning anything else worthwhile, sometimes it's great and sometimes it's a grind. You will get stuck, from time to time, on plateaus and think it is all going nowhere. That's exactly the time to play even more and grind it through. Then, one joyous day, you'll notice that you've just become far better than you were before.

Make sure you have a playable guitar. If you start out on a piece of junk, the journey will be far longer and tougher. I know this is a Washburn site but I can honestly say the D10 series has far and away the easiest action of any acoustic I've played (i.e affordable guitars). Getting the right guitar at the outset can make a big difference.

Good luck. Learn some simple three chord songs as soon as you can and sing 'em out! It's supposed to be fun.


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