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im just a beginning player in so cal

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If you  are doing self learning you should have a practice  schedule. It would be good to have some basic lesson to refer to for your schedule. Justinguitar is one of the best free online lesson you can learn from. You can learn faster if you have friends who already know how to play and can give you some playing tips.

Texas Flatpicker:
An easy thing to remember to simplify learning how to play is that there are only 7 keys and 12 notes. Whole notes I mean. With that in mind, it isnt so scary to learn. I also agree with above comments.  Find someone to play with.

Be careful there, there are 12 Major Keys and their related minor keys and 12 notes in an otave, a whole note is a rythymic value in standard notation.

I have been practicing for about a year now, some weeks a lot others not so much, do to time.but I notice when I go to the guitar store I sound as good as some of the other players now.And my girlfriends dad which can play says I sound good. I still get embraced when someone who can play real good, ask me if I can play.I just tell them I chord and noodle.My whole point to you is,12mnth ago I could hardly make a G C D A F chord. but stick to practicing all you can.and before you no it you will surprise your self. And I really like to sit and pass the time with just me and my guitars. If you get tired and put it down for a week or two, just remember, pick it up and keep on picken. Also youtube has tons of stuff,and if you have Netflix they have lots of good disk.  Tom  [:)]


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