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im having trouble

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im having a hard time being flouent with my chords. i can transition at all while i strum. any excersizes that would help?

It's all about practice. I had the same trouble, and I'm sure most people did, when I began. One thing I did to help out was not to strum, and just practice change chords in time with the music, or just using a metronome. Even practicing without the timing of the music at first is helpful. Once your fretting hand has the movement and timing in muscle memory, then add back in your strumming to go along with it. I usually practiced about 3-5 minutes just changing chords with my left hand, and I still do that when I'm learning new songs that have chords or progressions that I'm not used to playing.

Keep at it, and you'll get there.

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One thing is for sure if you are having trouble... SLOW it down... play as slow as you have to so the changes are smooth.

This feels and sounds wierd at first but will work better and faster than anything else...

Remember practicing properly is more important than speed..

Rock on...[8D]

Styles has it !  
When I was in the high-school band, our director would walk us through new music or difficult passages at a very slow speed. Once the changes are in your memory by rote, you will find your mechanical ability and accuracy improving with the amount of practice time you devote.
One thing to look at : watch other players' hand movements as they play, and compare them to your own. Sometimes, your 'finners kinda bump into each other. By studying as many other players' techniques as you can, you should be able to find different ones to try, and find what's best suited for you.
Remember: Practice ! Practice ! Practice !  
Caution!- Don't over-do it !  It's easy to get frustrated and keep pounding at yourself to get it right.  This is Ba-a-a-d!  When you find that happening, set your instrument down and walk away.  Do something else, wait til next day, whatever.  After you've cleared your mind, try it again.
You may be surprised at the results !

There are threshholds in playing a guitar.  One is just grabbing chords and have a nice clear tone on all the strings (that takes a while -- weeks anyway)  and then learning a library of chords (depending on what you want to play).  As for changing quickly (once you are getting pretty good ... make your left hand keep up with the right hand (don't give it a break) ..make it move to the next chord on time (in count).  You will get in the habit.  Also do not grab chords with a death grib .. light .. just enough to get a clean chord.  Count 1&2&3&4&  .. keep the count going .. and make your hand keep up with the count.

One more thing .. we tend to learn to grab a chord with our index finger first THEN our middle finger THEN our ring finger THEN our pinky ... but reverse that since the pick lands on the pinky string FIRST and then the Ring and Middl and Index .. down E-A-D-G-B-E .. so learn to grab them all at once or pinky first.


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